HarmonyWelcome!   The Harmony Habit is a monthly tip that aims to take us away from the old model of resolving conflict by focusing on the problem, figuring it out and trying to manage it. The Harmony Habit offers a new life-affirming model that invites us to place a more positive emphasis on that which we want to create, rather than that which we’d prefer to avoid.   Why? Because what we focus on becomes our reality!   When harmony is our inclination, we’re much more likely to create the kind of quality of life results we truly want.

The bottom line? Harmony is an inside job.

Contact Us:

Mary O’Neill, MA, MFT
Speaker, Trainer, Consultant
853 San Anselmo Avenue, Suite C
San Anselmo, CA 94960

Phone: (415) 488-1805
Fax: (415) 456-9197

Web:  www.MaryONeill.com
E-mail: Mary@MaryONeill.com
Web: www.GreatDentalTeams.com
E-mail: Mary@GreatDentalTeams.com


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